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Phil Rose on “Scaling You business, Sustainably” – being purpose led and driving change

In this shorter episode Phil Rose talks about all things purpose led, from ESG principles to engaging your teams through aligning your values and your actions.

Align your business Purpose, Goals and Activities to drive your success

In this episode Phil Rose talks Eugene Terk. Eugene is VP Business Development and General Counsel for Align – creator of the Scaling Up Scoreboard Software. His role is to find, foster and nurture strategic partnerships with coaches, consultants and implementers of processes that help businesses scale. Align was created in 2012 to help implement the core processes of Scaling Up in the business and is now available as the Scaling Up Scoreboard.

So do you really think you know what keeps your business alive?

In this episode Phil Rose talks Jonathan Mond. Jonathan is an accountant turned business coach. If you want to know more about the 7 levers to pull in your business to make it more successful you must listen to this! Remember Growth Sucks Cash... therefore to GROW and Stay Afloat you need to make it work for you.

What symptoms in your health are also showing up in your business?

In this episode Phil Rose talks again with Dr Nicole Rivera, integrated practitioner and business coach. She is an expert in functional medicine and business – a unique combination where she (and her husband) help both diagnose and then ‘cure’ health and business issues to create sustainable benefits. Dr Nicole discusses: Don’t Guess, Test! And provides advice on how to ‘heal’ your business.

What advice would you give yourself if you were labelled ‘slow’?

In this episode Phil Rose talks Matt Cox. Matt is a serial entrepreneur, coach and consultant who was once labelled ‘slow’ by teachers at school. That prompted him, after a number of years, to look at the choices he really had in life. He could live with the label as a burden or look for ways to make the most of the gifts he has.

Growth Sucks Cash… and it’s fear that stops us getting OUR cash

In this more commercially focussed episode Phil Rose talks with Nicki Kinton of Confident Cash Flow. Nicki helps businesses get money in faster so you can grow… Remember Growth sucks Cash and if you haven’t got cash… you can’t grow which means you might not achieve your purpose…

Phil Rose on Purpose – being purpose led and driving change

In this shorter (week 4) episode Phil Rose talks about, among other things … the podcast and how we want to support purpose led businesses to scale.

What you can learn from being a rally driver to help you build and develop yourself further?

In this episode Phil Rose talks for a second time with communications and leadership expert Dean Heffta of Clarus Results. Dean is a coach and speaker based in Peoria Illinois.

How do you know if you’re in a toxic relationship with your business. A conversation with Dr Nicole Rivera: committed to giving entrepreneurs their lives back.

In this episode Phil Rose talks with Dr Nicole Rivera, integrated practitioner and business coach. She is an expert in functional medicine and business – a unique combination where she (and her husband) help both diagnose and then ‘cure’ health and business issues to create sustainable benefits.

What we can all learn from Superman and other stories that create emotion for the reader

In this episode Phil Rose talks with Andrew Ryder about his take on content creation. Andrew is an investor – in relationships – with others and with himself. Andrew’s 3 top tips really create a useful mechanism we can all use to help us get more creative: (1) Get Clarity on the content you are consuming – who do you allow to influence you? (2) Curate what you are consuming; (3) Creation to build on the ideas you’ve learned

Natural Netwalking with Jackie Jarvis

This is part three of a three part podcast with Natural Netwalking founder, Jackie Jarvis. We recorded it in January 2022 and now as I listen to it with the War continuing in Ukraine it feels strange reflecting on some of the conversation. We talked about how we can take responsibility for what’s going on around us and I now wonder how true that really if you are in a war zone? I hope you find strength in the conversation and find energy from the words at this time and in the future.

What prompted you to do that? Because no one else stepped up to do it… Phil Rose learns more in conversation with Flavilla Fongang

In this episode Phil Rose talks with Flavilla Fongang. Flavilla is an award-winning serial entrepreneur, an international and multilingual keynote speaker (in English & French), a neuroscience brand expert covering strategy, design, marketing and customer experience. She is also the founder of 3 Colours Rule, an award-winning branding and marketing agency. Above all she’s an enabler who is never afraid to challenge the norms.

Be patient as you build your business, some things take time to scale – you need to plant the seeds, nurture and water them before you reap the rewards…

Phil Rose talks to Karie Kaufmann about vision, planning, creating a theme and working towards that to build your business. We also discuss systems and how to empower and trust your team to work to support and scale the business. Karie Kaufmann is a master coach and facilitator, having coached over 1,000 high growth companies since 2005. Her clients have achieved double and triple-digit growth in profitability, accomplished through implementation of the Scaling Up framework and Rockefeller Habits. She helps business leaders work through roadblocks and growing pains, build amazing teams, and enable sustainable growth… all while enjoying the ride.

Leadership is a journey not a destination: it takes time to build Credibility, Competence and Relationships

Phil Rose talks to Michael Tanner about building leadership so that people genuinely want to follow. From his 28 years experience in both military and corporate roles Michael has seen what it takes to truly lead people – and it’s not about rank, title or authority – it’s about true Servant leadership.

Scale your Business and prepare your business for exit

Darryl Bates-Brownsword is on a mission to build the ‘exit industry’ in the UK. Originating from Australia Darryl has been in the UK since 2005 helping business owners grow the value of their business. He realised that many business owners who wanted to sell their businesses (prior to working with Succession Plus) went through an earn out period that often never came to fruition. This lead DBB to found Succession Plus in the UK based on the model developed by his colleague, Craig West, in Australia. Darryl’s key message is for business owners to ‘LEAVE on their terms’ and this is key to the story… you can spend 3 years working for someone in an earn out or you can spend 3 years preparing your business prior to sale so you can get the ‘most from your life’s work’. There are lots of elements that potentially derail and devalue your business so it’s worth looking at how to increase value ahead of the time you want to sell. If you sell and then end up on an earn out you are effectively working to someone else’s rules. It’s a choice!

Phil Rose talks to Jackie Jarvis: when you’re in the fog you have a choice about what to reflect on…

This is part 2 of a 3 part podcast with the walking coach Jackie Jarvis. In this episode Phil Rose talks to Jackie about her experience and learnings again from walking the Camino trails in Spain. We recorded this on January 6th 2022 as a follow up to the previous episodes. We set out to cover 6 keys points, and, as usual, the conversation developed further so there is a follow on conversation which will come out soon. We cover lots of topics that can be applied in your business and in your personal life. This is very much a balance of culture vs commercial and we know that the most ‘successful’ businesses are those that fully engage employees so they come to work with their full energy rather than ‘just for the money’.

How to build and balance prosperity and purpose in business.

Phil Rose talks to Rob Barnard-Weston about all things sustainability and ESG. Rob has lived in Bath for forty years, thirty of them working in social and environmental responsibility. He co-founded Bath’s first eco-hotel; an eco-artisan bakery company; a commercial scale composting company; the UK’s farmers’ markets movement (starting with Bath’s farmers’ market); a farming apprenticeship scheme for vulnerable school-leavers in one of the region’s most economically disadvantaged rural communities; a local environmental charity; a local exchange and trading system; an award-winning community-supported agriculture scheme and an international social responsibility consulting company. He is also a founder investor in the innovative regional banking initiative Avon Mutual.

Phil Rose on Past, Present and Future Thinking New Year ‘22

In this is episode Phil Rose talks about his thoughts on planning for the coming year by reflecting first on what you’ve achieved to date (the past); then thinking about what you’ve got already (the present) and then by imagining the future.

Scaling the The Growth Institute and reducing drama with Alex Faust

This is part two of a podcast couplet, recorded with Growth Institute CEO Daniel Marcos and Growth Institute COO Alex Faust. In this episode Phil Rose talks with Alex about how Growth Institute helps CEOs (and their businesses) Scale and reduce the drama.

Building the Growth Institute from ground up with Daniel Marcos

This is part one of a two-part podcast with Growth Institute CEO Daniel Marcos and Growth Institute COO Alex Faust. In this episode Phil Rose talks with Daniel about his journey from his T shirt selling business as a young boy, to selling his financial trading business in his early 20s through to starting the Growth Institute to support other business founders on their journey to scale with Impact and reduce drama.

Buy a smaller rucksack and only carry what you need!: Business and personal learnings from Walking the Camino Paths with Jackie Jarvis

This is part one of a two part podcast with the wonderful Jackie Jarvis. Phil Rose talks to Jackie is known as the Walking Business Coach, and she’s Co-Founder of Natural Netwalking. She’s also a best- selling Author. Walking has always been part of Jackie’s Life, she has walked through all her ups and downs, gained inspiration for her books, her business, and ultimately the work she does with her clients. And having hiked over 3,500 Km on many of the famous Camino Pilgrimage Routes to Santiago, ( most recently she is just back from walking 350km on the Via Del Plata) she knows exactly how transformational the simple act of putting one foot in front of the other, whilst out in Nature, can be. In our podcast conversation today ‘Walk and Grow Rich’ she aims to share with you, powerful insights for Business Growth and Wellbeing gained from her Solo Hikes across Spain.

A deeper dive into personal change with Adam Woods, filmmaker, director and Chief Coach, The Camera Confidence Company

In this second part of the conversation with Adam Woods we delve deeper into the subject of personal change and learn how that has influenced Adam’s decisions has he has created his business in the last 5 years. Adam is a filmmaker, director and is Chief Coach at The Camera Confidence Company. Phil and Adam first met in 2016 when they shared a room as part of the Hoffman Process. In this second episode Adam talks further about the experience of stepping out from behind the camera and helping people find their confidence.

Family and Friends – one of the keys to the Scaling Up OPPP

In this shorter than usual episode of Sparks by Ignium Phil Rose talks about the benefits of the One Page Personal Plan for building your own strategies for success. The topic for today is Family and Friends and how you acknowledge your ‘achievement’ and look to the future to build rituals into your schedule to enable you to ‘achieve’ what you want with friends and family in the future.

Taking off the Swim Floats and diving deeper into the Pool of DEI Allyship with Julie Kratz

In this follow up episode of Sparks by Ignium Phil Rose again talks to Julie Kratz. Julie is an Inclusive Leadership Trainer, diversity trainer, Podcast host and TEDX Speaker. In this episode Julie and Phil take a deep dive into the world of DEI and Allyship. Julie shares her thoughts on the many dimensions of diversity, both visible and ‘invisible’. We cover lots of subjects that you’ll find useful especially as many people begin to return to the workplace post pandemic and are further surrounded by the subject of DEI…

Happiness at Work and how we all can benefit from a dose of happiness – The statistician with soul!

In this episode of Sparks by Ignium Phil Rose talks to Nic Marks. Nic’s been described as a statistician with a soul. You’ll learn why as you listen. We talk about the correlation between happiness and employee engagement and why measuring happiness as well as being easier is also an excellent indicator or business risk. Listen out for Nic’s discussion about purpose as a long wave in life…

Luke Maiden – just a designer and a ‘guy who likes to draw pictures!’

In this episode of the Sparks by Ignium Podcast Phil Rose talks to Luke Maiden of Aperture Design Studios in Abu Dhabi. Luke’s the founder of the business and describes himself as a designer. Phil met Luke as part of the Porsche Leadership and Management Programme and immediately realised that Luke had created a business that really ‘understood what it stands for’. As a business owner Luke discusses his approach to ‘leading’ his business and maintaining the small enough to care approach that keeps his clients coming back for more. Design lies at the core of everything Luke does and that includes the way the business is ‘structured’ to support his clients and the team.

Phil Rose on 'What’s in your one page personal plan? Let’s start with Fitness!'

This episode of Sparks by Ignium is purely Phil talking about his experience with ‘planning’ his fitness. When you want to know more please feel free to reach out.

Why diversity, inclusion and equality is all about the long game and how being intentional about change drives results with Julie Kratz

In this episode of Sparks by Ignium Phil Rose talks to Julie Kratz. Julie is an Inclusive Leadership Trainer, diversity trainer, Podcast host and TEDX Speaker. In this episode Julie and Phil explore some of the key aspects of what it takes to truly become an ally. Don’t listen to this podcast if you’re stuck in your ways and are ‘pale, male and stale’ as it will seriously challenge your thinking and help you step up and change.

Mark Herbert – “I’m A Leader” – helping people understand their uniqueness and release their full potential

In this episode Phil Rose talks with Mark Herbert, author of “I’m A Leader” about his experience working with young people to help them realise and release their full potential.

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