Moving to Intentional Mastery with William Buist

In this episode of Sparks by Ignium Phil Rose talks to William Buist about his tips and ideas on building intentional mastery. William is an author, speaker and mentor and turns on his experience to develop his model that takes us from novice and explorer to practitioner to expert and then to mastery. We also talk about many other things in this episode including the art of joyfulness…

(Some of) The main points for listeners:

•             What can you do to move to mastery, intentionally

•             Seeing the glass half full versus half empty

•             How not buying into the recession will save your business

•             What’s in your control and what CAN you control – it’s a matter of focus

•             Start with knowing you own skills…

•             You cannot NOT market

•             What we can learn from the actions of some business owners during the lockdown period – it’s a matter of perspective

•             How fear, uncertainty & doubt left some of the turkeys on the shelf at Christmas

•             The journey to mastery… we all start as explorers keen to gather knowledge…

•             Experts to Masters… it’s an intentional step

•             Out of every 100 businesses that start… only 20 will succeed in the first instance – business founders need to be aware that sometimes it’s things outside of our control that make the biggest impact

•             Circumstances don’t play any part in how we choose to react… consider that…

•             Having an understanding of our purpose drives the journey to mastery

•             How our hobbies can enable us to take a different view of what we do and how we do it

•             No one else has had the same journey as you – we all bring a unique journey to the world

•             The parallels with learning to drive… moving up the ladder from unconscious incompetence to conscious incompetence to conscious competence and on to unconscious competence

•             The decision to go to mastery comes from a recognition that we want to pass it on to the future

•             The key is being able to pass it on… not just to learn it… it’s about teaching… and education and that’s about making it conscious again

•             It’s about exploring with people ‘what is it you find difficult about X?’

•             Why it’s important to find a coach or mentor to help us improve

•             Find what brings you joy… and know that our journey is one of contentment

•             Our best work comes from being intentional when we do it…

•             William’s Tip… don’t take yourself too seriously

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Books Referenced in this episode:
Intentional Mastery: Step Beyond your Expertise and Build Better Business, William Buist:
A More Beautiful Question: The Power of Inquiry to Spark Breakthrough Ideas, Warren Berger:
Scaling Up: How a Few Companies Make It...and Why the Rest Don't (Rockefeller Habits 2.0)
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